Ear piercing (using Caflon®)

Ear piercing (using Caflon®)


Learn about and practice ear piercing under close tutor supervision. This course gives you a detailed account of the products used, processes involved and laws surrounding ear piercing, as well as the opportunity for students to practice piercing of the ear lobe.




  • Overview and description of products
  • Thorough explanation of the ear piercing process
  • Piercing of the earlobe under close tutor supervisor
  • Laws surrounding ear piercing



  • Students must be 16+.
  • You must bring a model (aged 16+, ID may be required) to pierce their 1st, 2nd or 3rd ear lobe hole.
  • Models should arrive 1 hour after course commences.



Please purchase any of the following kits before the day of the course:

  • Introduction Kit/Starter Kit/Caflon Gun

Course Length:

1/2 Day


ABT - Beauty Diploma

Course Accredited By

ABT - Associated Beauty Therapists

Model Requirements:

Yes: You must bring a model (aged 16+, ID may be required)

Kit Included:

No: Please purchase - Introduction Kit/Starter Kit/Caflon Gun before the date of your course